How To Interview Your Fencing Contractor

A fencing supplier is your first contact when installing a fence in your home. The golden rule is interviewing your fencing supplier to determine whether they suit your fencing project. The questions in this piece should help you interview your fencing contractor. 

What Type Of Fences Do You Sell? 

Although you might be intrigued by a particular fence, it is always wise to deal with suppliers who sell a wide range of fences. As a client, you might not have adequate information regarding the benefits, downsides and applications of various fences. A fencing supplier should be your one-stop shop for all fencing information. For instance, suppose you are interested in a wooden fence; the supplier should assess its application to determine its suitability. For example, a wooden fence may not be a viable option as a security fence. The supplier would recommend composite materials, wrought iron, razor and electric wire fences to improve your home security. 

Do The Fences Have A Warranty? 

Fencing suppliers sell products from different manufacturers. Therefore, they should help you compare the durability of the various products on sale. For instance, some manufacturers extend the longevity of their wooden fences by pressure-treating the wood to protect it from pest and water damage. They could also use varieties of wood that naturally resist rot and pests. If you intend to purchase a chain link or barbed wire fence, the supplier should inform you about the different gauges and their applications. This way, you make an informed decision as you buy and install the fence. The purchased product must have a warranty. A warranty guarantees the client that the product will not suffer defects within a specified period. Evaluate the warranty conditions to establish the ease of receiving warranty repairs or refunds. The fencing supplier should offer these services on the manufacturer's behalf. After all, you do not have an existing relationship with the manufacturer as a client. 

Do You Offer Customisation Services? 

Do you need a customised fence? The primary benefit of customised fences is that they are easy to install. Besides, they contain your personal touch since you can add features such as lattices and grills on the fence. Ask the fencing supplier whether they can customise the fence to your liking. Ideally, the supplier should visit your home to take measurements and assess the ground conditions. Then, they should design the fence to your specifications. You are at an advantage if the supplier installs the fence. 

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