Top Reasons to Install Aluminum Louvered Slat Fencing

When choosing a fence for your property, the many available choices can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, a couple of fence types beat the rest in various aspects, and aluminium slat fencing is one. Still, aluminium slat fencing comes in many designs, with the louvred model proving to be a hit amongst many homeowners. Unlike other types of aluminium slat fencing, the louvred design features movable angled planks rather than stationary ones. Here are a few key benefits of louvred aluminium slat fencing.

Flexible Privacy

During summer, staying indoors can be uncomfortable unless you put on an air conditioning system throughout the day. However, letting an AC system run 24/7 can significantly increase your utility bills. It is why families prefer to spend most of their time outdoors, where they can get fresh air. However, outdoor living has its fair share of privacy issues; hence, you need the right fencing. Louvred aluminium slat fences are an excellent choice if you want flexible privacy options. For instance, you can leave the slats wide open during the day for unimpeded airflow and an uninterrupted view of the street outside. Conversely, you can shut the slats during the night and block your yard from the prying eyes of people passing by the street.

Prevents Water Settling on Slats

When it rains, or after you are done washing a fence, the last thing you want to happen is for water to pool on the slats. Notably, such pooling accelerates corrosion, especially on welded sections, shortening the longevity of a fence. It usually happens with non-angled fence slats where surface water has no escape route other than evaporation. With louvred slat fencing, you do not have to worry about water pooling on the planks after pressure washing or a downpour. The downward angle of the slats ensures that any water that settles on the surface runs off immediately, eliminating the chances of corrosion. The design makes louvred slat fencing one of the easiest to maintain and the most durable.

Provides Occasional Shade

Most fence types with spaces between the slats allow sunlight through, regardless of the sun's position. This means that you cannot sit against such a fence without exposing yourself to harsh sun rays. Thus, you must install a shade if you want to relax close to such fencing. On the other hand, aluminium louvred slat fencing is quite the opposite because you can create shade when the sun is on the opposite side. Besides, since the slats are angled downwards, they direct sunrays penetrating the openings down and away from you. Therefore, you do not need an extra shade if you plan to sit close to the fence.

For more information about aluminium slat fencing, reach out to a local fencing contractor.