Commercial Gate Automation: Four Important Tips for Avoiding Operational Problems

Automating your commercial gates will streamline the movement to and from your business premises. Moreover, it will reinforce access control and, subsequently, security. However, you should note that the improper installation and set-up of an automated commercial gate can lead to a lot of operational problems in the future. Therefore, you must address potential problems during the initial planning phase. Here are basic guidelines to remember for great results.

Evaluate the Open Space

If there is insufficient space around your gate, some operational issues might arise. For instance, a swing gate requires a lot of room when opening. If there is a limit, the gate will hit obstacles. This will not only damage the gate, but it could also increase the strain on the automated opener. Therefore, you should check the design of your gate and evaluate the site before making major decisions about automation. If necessary, change the design of the feature. For example, you can switch to a sliding alternative.

Think About Site Safety

Automated gates can pose significant safety risks if they are not installed correctly. In simple terms, you must remember that a gate will move without control from a human. If there are no safety features, the gate could hit a vehicle or a person. Therefore, when automating your gate, you should discuss an approach to boosting safety. For example, make sure that there is a sensor to identify obstacles and prevent an accidental collision.

Consider Electrical Outage

An automated gate will ensure convenience as long as there is power. Fortunately, most openers do not require a large amount of power. They can be connected with ease to the established commercial electrical system. However, you must remember that there are moments when power to the gate might be lost. For example, it is not uncommon for an outage to occur during inclement weather. You should prevent problems by inquiring about the backup power options from your automation specialist. This will prevent inconvenience and promote security at all times.

Review the Access Control

An unsuitable access control setup can cause operational problems. Therefore, you should discuss all the options available to ensure that there will be no hiccups in opening and closing the gate. The perfect system will depend on the type and frequency of movement on your property. For some small businesses, a fob or card will work because only employees will be entering the premises. However, a more complex gate access system with temporary passes might be required for a company that depends on direct interaction with customers. 

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