What Are the Advantages of Telescopic Boom Gates?

If you need to gate off an area outside your building, then you may be keen to put in a simple boom gate. However, you're finding it hard to make a gate work in the space. Don't worry — all is not lost. A telescopic boom gate could be the answer. How do these gates work, and what are their benefits?

What Is a Telescopic Boom Gate?

Telescopic boom gates look pretty much like regular boom gates. Access is controlled by a boom which sits across the space between the gate's side posts. The boom closes the space when it is down; when it is up, vehicles can drive through the gate.

However, telescopic booms work differently to rigid booms on regular gates. When extended, these booms fit across the gate, but as they rise, they use a telescopic motion that reduces the boom's length.

Why Install Telescopic Boom Gates?

A telescopic boom gate can solve space problems in the area you want to gate. This may be a more suitable solution if you have height restrictions around the gate or problems with available opening width.

For example, say you want to put a boom gate for your company's car park. The gate would sit under a relatively low roof. A normal boom may not work well in this situation; the boom may not have to room to open fully to let cars through. It may also get damaged if it bangs on the roof above it.

While you can sometimes get around this problem by installing a swing gate as an alternative, this may not solve your problem if you have restricted space around the gate. If your entrance/exit area doesn't have enough clearance for the gate to open wide enough to let cars in and out, then this gate won't work for you either.

A telescopic boom is a better option in these cases. These booms work in tight headroom situations and don't need space around them when they operate. The boom simply shrinks its length automatically as it opens. Depending on the gate you buy, you may be able to fix the retraction at a certain point or allow the boom to telescope fully.

By the time the boom reaches its vertical position, it is much smaller and takes up less space. So, headroom is never an issue.

Your fence and gate supplier can tell you more about telescopic boom gates and how they work. They can also help you find the right gate with the right features for your needs.