Ways to Upgrade the Kerb Appeal of Chain-Link Fencing

Choosing chain-link fencing is usually an option done for durability and function rather than kerb appeal. This is the case with both residential fencing choices and commercial fencing. If you are considering the overall appearance of your landscape and you want to upgrade the kerb appeal, you may think it's impossible without upgrading the fencing as well. Here are a few ways you can upgrade the kerb appeal without upgrading the fencing and without changing the chain-link option you have in place.

Colour Upgrades

One of the easiest ways to change the entire look of your chain-link fencing is to colour coat it. This coating is usually a spray-on paint that rubberises when dried. The colour can be in dark black, brown or hunter green. The coating will also act as a barrier between the aluminium or steel-grade chain link and harsh weather conditions in your particular area. If you are trying to blend the fencing with your landscape, go for a green colour in residential areas or a brick colour in industrial or commercial areas. This will allow the fence to blend in with the landscape and not be as harsh as it would as a simple steel grey.

Ivy Plants

If you want to give your kerb appeal and chain-link fencing a natural upgrade, consider using ivy plants. These plants vine and can grow along the fencing nicely without causing damage to it. This is especially true if the fence is coated with a colour paint or rubber seal. You can also find ivy plants that will stay green or keep a colour longer in the colder months of the year. The ivy plants can be planted at the bottom of the fence line and allowed to vine along the chain link in a natural fashion.

Fence Boards

Fence boards, which may also be referred to as fencing slats, are vinyl materials that can slide into the chain-link fencing. They are usually placed in a weave pattern, weaving in and out of the chain-link holes. When the slats or fence boards are installed, they cover up the area, giving two added benefits. The first benefit is an upgrade to the kerb appeal of the fencing, especially in commercial areas. The second benefit is an upgrade to privacy which is ideal in residential areas where privacy fencing may be too expensive.

These are just a few of the ways you can upgrade the kerb appeal of your residential or commercial landscape when you have chain-link fencing. If you are ready to make your upgrades, contact your landscaping contractor or fencing and landscaping contractor. They can help you with the upgrades and with any fencing needs you have.