Different Types of Glass You Could Use For Your Balustrading

Balustrading is one of the staple design elements that you will incorporate into your home as long as you have a stairway, balcony or any other raised area that requires securing. In years past, timber was the main material used for this applications. Thus, it has remained one of the classic options that people will choose for their residences. Nevertheless, if you are a contemporary homeowner and would like to add a sense of modern elegance to your premises, then you may want to consider glass balustrading. Toughened glass is what is used for this purpose and it comes in an assortment of types. Below are the various types of glass you could choose for your balustrading needs.

Safety glass

This type of toughened glass would be beneficial for areas that need securing, such as a balcony or a swimming pool. The toughened nature of safety glass makes it difficult to break, but in the unfortunate event that it does acquire damage, safety glass is designed to break into large, blunt pieces. This is to ensure that the glass can be easily collected instead of it breaking into a multitude of smaller, more dangerous shards of glass.

Laminate glass

As the name implies, this type of toughened glass is laminated together. It is composed of two or more layers of glass that have been bonded together to create a sheet of glass. One of the main benefits of toughened laminated glass is that it affords you unparalleled strength. Therefore, it is suited for applications that would require some impact resistance. Secondly, the innate strength and thickness of the laminated glass eliminates the need of handrails with your balustrading. Thus, if you are looking to save on building materials, this would be great for your residence.

Low iron glass

When you take a look at normal annealed glass, you will notice that it has a slight blue or green hue to it. This colouration does not distort your ability to see through the glass, but it does make the glass appear more distinct. If you are looking to install balustrading that will not obstruct your views, then you should consider low iron glass. The blue and green hue comes about due to particles of iron that are contained in the glass. When the low iron glass is being manufactured, the particles of iron are eliminated as best as possible, which results in an extremely clear glass.