Top Considerations When You're Choosing a Fence Gate

Your fencing is the first measure of defence against potential intrusion into your home. With a properly installed and maintained fencing system, you can rest easy knowing that your residential property is secure and protected from potential intrusion. Choosing the right fence gate is critical to ensuring you get secure and convenient service from your fencing installation. With a wide variety of fence gates ranging from the traditional wooden gates to the contemporary automated gates being sold on the construction market, homeowners can easily get confused about what type of gate they should choose for their fencing.

If you are presently shopping around for the best fence gate, here are a couple of important considerations you should make. 


What level of security do you expect from your fence gate? If you live near a busy street where so many new faces pass every day, you may need to invest in a high security gate that can thwart even the most determined efforts by hardened intruders to gain entry into your home. You may need a gate that is made from robust material, such as steel, aluminium and cast iron. But if you live in a gated community, where the comings and goings of the area are closely monitored 24/7 by the security team, you may simply need a standard gate that allows you easy access to your home. 

Operating style

Generally, the fence gates available on the market right now can be operated in two ways: by sliding or swinging. A swinging gate moves inward and outward, whereas a sliding gate glides from side to side. Slide gates are ideal for homes with tight spaces that cannot provide adequate clearance required for swinging doors. Both swinging and sliding gates can be automated or operated manually. Make sure to choose a gate that you can conveniently operate. 


Your fence gate is the first feature that your guests will see when they are entering your home. Therefore, it is important that you choose a gate that blends well with the appearance of your fencing but also adds kerb appeal to your building exteriors. To accentuate the beauty of your wood fencing, for example, you can install a vinyl fence that comes with a natural wood grain finish.

To find the most suitable fence gate for your home, consider talking to your chosen fence gate supplier about your specific requirements and those of your home.