How to Add Some Style to Your Residential Property's Fencing

A residential property's fence is very important for marking off boundaries between you and your neighbours, for keeping pets secure and for adding some privacy to your outdoor space. However, a fence can sometimes look a little dull and even industrial or may seem imposing and overwhelming, especially for a smaller yard. You can add some style to your residential property's fencing with a bit of planning and shopping around; note a few tips for choosing the best fence for your yard.

Slatted fencing

Slats can make a wood fence seem less imposing than solid panels and also allow for more light and air circulation around your yard. However, vertical slats are somewhat standard and may seem a bit dull, so opt for a horizontal slatted fence. Not only are they more unique, but they can also make a smaller space seem wider and larger. You can then also use the slats for hanging planter boxes and even outdoor artwork or lanterns to give the space even more style and personality.

Fabricated metal

Metal panels can be cut and fabricated in a wide range of styles; you can have any type of scrollwork or artwork cut into panels so that they aren't solid and will allow in light and air and keep the space seeming open. This can also add style to your space.

Tinted glass

Glass fencing is good for around a pool area as it doesn't allow a toehold for potential intruders, but plain glass can seem a bit dull and drab. Look for tinted glass; a nice blue tint can work well next to pool water, or you can opt for a rosy red tint or sunny yellow to coordinate with the flowers in your garden.


Rather than an actual fence, you might want a row of vegetation to work as a border. Look for thick yew bushes, as these will remain very dense and provide privacy, or Savannah holly trees, which grow to a medium height and stay thick and lush. Myrtle is also thick and can be trimmed into any shape.

If you want to add vegetation in front of a fence, consider lilac bushes, which stay thick and which provide a beautiful flower and fragrance. If you want some security from potential intruders, choose cacti! The prickly trees and shrubs are a great deterrent that will stop anyone from trying to scale your fence, while providing some pops of green and even colourful flowers when they're in bloom.