Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Cast Iron Fences

Cast iron has a higher carbon percentage than wrought iron and thus is mostly used for cookware because it has excellent temperature resistance and distribution. However, cast iron is not limited to making cookware as it can also get utilized to make beautiful cast iron fence.

A cast iron perimeter fence not only provides protection from intruders, but it is also an attractive method of marking your property's boundary.

Most people prefer to use wrought iron and PVC for their fences; nonetheless, cast iron fences also provide an array of benefits. Below are the main advantages of installing a cast iron fence.

Cast iron has a relatively stable molecular structure

As stated above, cast iron contains a higher carbon trace than wrought iron. As a result, the cast iron has strong inter-molecular bonds that provide a high resistance to impacts.

Hence, cast iron fences often get utilized in areas that are prone to accidents such as shopping mall parking lots and building walls. Due to the strong bonds, cast iron fences can withstand tremendous impact, for example, getting knocked by a speeding vehicle, and they will require minimal repairs.

Aesthetic charm and property valuation

Cast iron fences are not only sturdy, but they have a way of providing a glamorous appearance especially when matched with vegetation such as flower bushes. The look of the cast iron fence bars typically depends on an individual's preference, and as a result, the fence can get made into numerous contemporary designs.

In addition to the appealing appearance, cast iron fences are also necessary during the resale of the property. If your property has a cast iron fence, it can be a considerable factor when calculating the total value of the property for resale.

Old is gold

Due to the strong characteristics of the metal, cast iron fences are very durable, and thus they can serve a property for generations. For one, cast iron is very resistant to expansion and contraction due to heating as well as rust; hence minimal maintenance is required.

In most cases, a new paint job every few years will do the job. In general, most the maintenance revolves around making the cast iron fence appealing because the need for structural support may never arise.  

A well installed cast iron fence should serve for at least a century without the need for structural changes. It is for this reason, old buildings built in the 1800s still have a beautifully erect cast iron fences to date.