What You Should Know About Wood Fencing

When you are shopping around for fences to put around your property, the first thing you need to decide is what material you want to go with. The fencing material you choose can determine how much you spend, how long the fence will last, and what type of maintenance is required. If you are considering a wood fence, here are some things to think about first.

Wood Can Provide More Privacy 

If you are comparing wood and metal fencing, then you do have some more privacy options with wood. You can choose a wood paneled fence instead of a wood picket fence, which means the wood planks are close together. This keeps people from peeking onto your property, whether you install the fence in the front or back of your home. The paneled fencing can also help to keep your pets safe and secure while outside. Most metal fences have at least a small space in between the metal bars or posts, so they don't provide a lot of privacy.

Wood Is More Susceptible to Damage

One of the main drawbacks with a wood fence is the fact that it can be susceptible to different types of damage. Wood is at high risk for damage from any type of moisture, which includes water from a flood on your property, heavy rain and snow, and even high humidity that causes a lot of excess moisture. With water damage comes mould, mildew, and rot, all of which can't usually be repaired. Typically you would need to replace parts of the wood fence that get damaged.

Another risk with wood fencing is that it can be susceptible to wood-boring insects like carpenter ants and termites. These eat away at your fence, requiring extensive repairs. You will need to keep the fence well maintained, such as with sealing it routinely, so this makes for a bit more work for you.

Wood Can Be Repainted

An excellent benefit to wood fencing materials is that they can be repainted or stained easily, unlike many other fencing materials. While you can order a vinyl fence in a different colour, it isn't the easiest thing to paint. Aluminum and fibreglass materials usually aren't painted at all, since the colour should remain in good quality for the lifespan of the fence. While this is a good thing, it means you can't change the overall look of the fence in the future. With wood, it is easy to paint any colour you like and try stains for a completely different look.