How to Choose the Best Cyclone Fencing Options for Your Property

Cyclone or chain link fencing may look very similar to you, but in truth, this type of material and these types of fences are very different. When choosing cyclone fencing for your property, you want to take the time to shop and compare the materials and other features so you know you're happy with your fencing for many years to come. Note a few tips for making the right choice when you're ready to start looking at fences, either for home or for a commercial property.

Vinyl coated versus metal

Some fences will have a vinyl coating that is very durable and rugged; the vinyl may withstand the risk of rust and corrosion better than metal, so it can be a good choice in humid environments or for surrounding a pool. However, if you're choosing a residential fence that children like to climb over or dogs like to dig under, this may cause damage to the vinyl. A more rugged bare metal fence may be a better option in those cases. 

Steel is usually the most rugged metal versus aluminum, which is more lightweight. The steel is less likely to sag in the middle or come out of place due to climbing children, pets, and the like. Steel fences may be harder to install on your own because of their weight, so consider if you are thinking of putting up your own fence and note that aluminum may be the better option in that case.


The mesh size should be chosen according to the privacy you need, the security you need, and the purpose of the fence. For commercial properties, you might opt for a small mesh so people can't see through the fence so easily. If you're choosing chain link for a dog kennel, however, you may not want something so small that a dog could easily get a nose or paw caught in the mesh. 


Along with the fence, you need to choose the right framework, meaning the fence posts that hold it in place. A metal post is easy for installation as you tie wire pieces around the fence, but these can look very drab and industrial. For a residential fence, you might opt for wood and then have the mesh of the fence connected with bolts. A chain link fence can also be run through a cement or concrete column or built into a stone column, to add style to your fence and your property. This may take the work of a skilled contractor, so it's not a good choice if you want to install the fence yourself.