3 Things to Know about Having Your Fence Repaired after Storm Damage

When you think of using a fencing contractor, you likely think about having a fence installed or expanded. The truth is, you may find yourself needing fencing contractors following severe storms. This is especially true if you are dealing with a chain link fencing option that has experienced more than just a few minor dings from fallen limbs. Before you call your fencing contractor for the repair, there are a few things you should know.

Amount of Damage

The first thing fencing contractors will ask is the amount of damage that has been done to your fence. This can mean several different things, but if you know the right answers, you can give the contractors everything they need to know to schedule the right type of repair call. The first step is to measure the area of damage. This will let them know how much of your fence may need repair or replacement. The next step is to take a picture, if possible, of the damage.

This will give you a visual aid to send to the contractor instead of attempting to describe what happened. Ideally these two pieces of information combined with a basic description of what occurred will help narrow down the repair options and give you a more accurate price estimate and scheduling time.

Type of Fencing

There are various types of fencing on the market and it is important to tell your fencing contractors what type you have to determine what tools will be necessary. For example, the repair tools for a chain link fence may be different than those needed for a timber fencing option. You may also need to know what type of timber your fence is made of. This will help determine what supply options the contractor will need to use for replacement panels if necessary.

Neighbours and Concerns

Depending on where the damage is on your fence, you may have to consider the neighbours input and their concerns over repair as well. Make sure you contact your neighbours prior to having the fencing contractor show up for the repair. This will help them know you are having it repaired but also what to expect as far as the repair goes. This will also let you know if they have any concerns about the repair that need to be addressed during the fencing contractor's consultation.

If you keep these three things in mind when you call fencing contractors for the repair, you should be able to receive a more accurate price estimate as well as a suitable scheduling of the repair.