3 Ways to Upgrade the Security on Your Automatic Gates

When you bought your business or personal property, it may have already had basic automatic gates installed. Over time you may find that the security system on these gates is either non-existent or needs to be upgraded in some way. If this sounds like your situation, then there are a few ways you can upgrade the security and make the automatic gates safer for your business or your family.

Security Card Entry

If the only security on your automatic gates is a simple lock system, then you may want to upgrade to a security card entry. This type of entry system will allow you, employees, or other people entering the property to use a security card to activate the gate. This avoids the use of remote controls that could have batteries that die, rendering your automatic gate useless unless you have a fail-safe in place. The security card entry can also have a backup of a manual override that uses a key code or physical key to open the gate if a power outage occurs.

Video and Voice Entry

Another option for upgrading the security systems on your automatic gates is to add a video or voice recognition entry. This would use either the voice print of the person, which as been recorded and recognized in the system, or a video scan of the persons face or fingerprint. There are a few drawbacks to this type of system. One of them is a clear video if you are using the scanning option. If it is rainy, foggy, or if something happens to the lens on the camera it could cause the scanner to misread the image.

In order to prevent these issues you will need to have a failsafe or manual override that can securely accept the person's identity and allow the gate to open. This can be a physical key as mentioned with the security card entry backup or it could be another option such as a different entry gate that only authorized people know about.

Digital Key Entry

An easy and common option to have as a first step upgrade on an automatic gate is to add a digital key pad. This keypad can run on a solar backup in case electricity fails. The digital key system uses a simple code entry. The authorized person enters the code, the gate opens, and then closes after a certain amount of time or after the car has cleared the gate.

These are just a few of the options you have. Depending on your security needs, you may want to discuss further options with your fence contractors to determine what is best for your needs.