Commonly Asked Questions About Glass Pool Fencing

There is no doubt about the convenience of having a residential swimming pool in your backyard. There are various fencing options for residential swimming pools, each with its advantages and drawbacks. It is important to have as much information as possible about your preferred pool fencing option before you choose to have the fence installed.

Being that glass is one of the most commonly used fencing options, here are answers to a few commonly asked questions about residential glass pool fencing.

What Are The Benefits Of A Glass Pool Fence?

The number one benefit associated with glass pool fences is the fact that your view will be completely unobscured. This is for the simple reason that the glass panes of the fence are fixed from the base upwards with no obstructions appearing on the glass surfaces of the fence.

More importantly, however, glass pool fences are preferred for their water and moisture resistance capability. The smooth surface of the fence does not allow for accumulation of water. Instead it facilitates downward movement of the water away from the fence. You can rest safe in the knowledge that the water from your pool will not damage your fence.

Similarly, glass pool fences undergo chemical treatment to improve their stain resistance and resistance to harmful chemicals such as chlorine found in the pool water.

How Are Glass Pool Fences Safer And More Secure?

Enhanced safety and security is one of the major selling points for glass pool fences. But exactly how is it safer and more secure to have one such fence? Remember that glass pool fences are made of tampered safety glass. This is the toughest type of glass available in the market which makes it very difficult for someone to gain forceful access to your residential pool area.

The tampered safety glass also prevents the glass surface of the fence from breaking into large pieces of glass that can cause serious physical injury. Instead, the glass will shatter into small and compact pieces of glass that are less harmful.

 What Does Glass Pool Fencing Maintenance Involve?

There is very little that goes into maintenance of a glass pool fence. Typical maintenance for glass pool fences includes wiping the glass surface with an appropriate cleaning solution to get rid of any accumulated dirt, dust or moisture.

Maintenance for glass pool fences is relatively easy considering that all the mentioned contaminants will stand out against the glass surface of the fence, making them easily visible. For more information, contact a business such as Standrite Australia Pty Ltd.