Tubular Fencing: The Differences Between Aluminium And Steel

Are you trying to decide between choosing an aluminium or steel tubular fence, but are not sure how to make a choice? To make an informed decision, you need to understand the different advantages and disadvantages both materials. With that thought in mind here is some vital information on aluminium and steel tubular fencing:

Aluminium Tubular Fencing

The biggest advantage of aluminium tubular fencing is that it is much cheaper that steel fencing, so if you are on a tight budget then this is an important point to consider. Furthermore, aluminium will not rust and therefore doesn't need a coat of paint to keep it looking good. Also, aluminium is more recyclable than steel is and that's why it's an option that has a lower carbon footprint.

When it comes to drawbacks, aluminium doesn't provide the same level of strength as steel does. Therefore, if you are using the fencing to surround an area that might get broken into, steel would be a more suitable choice. Aluminium is more suitable when aesthetics are more of a concern than security is.

Most people find that aluminium fencing suits residential purposes much better than industrial ones. You'll find a wide variety of fencing designs to choose from when selecting an aluminium fence, because manufacturers understand the aesthetics of aluminium fencing are important.

Steel Tubular Fencing

The biggest advantage of steel is that it is very strong and will not bend without special equipment. It will also stand up well against storms and flooding conditions. Other than a fresh coat of paint every few years there will be no maintenance required with steel tubular fences. Aluminium fences, on the other hand, might bend under moderate pressure and therefore could require sections to be replaced.

Even though steel is a lot heavier than aluminium there are options available where the fencing is hollow. This allows the steel fence to be strong, yet relatively lightweight when compared to solid steel fencing.

A steel fence will be more expensive, but if you are protecting valuable industrial machinery, or expensive products then the cost of having a secure fence might be worth the investment. If you are interested in a secure steel fence then make sure that the height of the fence is in excess of 3 meters, and has anti-climbing paint. Also the top of the steel tubes could have a spiked shape design to increase the difficulty of climbing over them.

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