How To Ensure That The Custom Balustrades Installed Will Be Safe For Children

Balustrades are a series of balusters (short pillars) installed on elevated structures like balconies for decorative and protective purposes. If you have just had custom balustrades installed, you may be having lingering doubts regarding how safe your children will be around those balustrades. This article discusses some factors you can base upon to reassure yourself that your kids are in no danger of climbing and falling off the balustrades.

The Height of the Balustrades

Building codes stipulate the minimum height of balustrades from the floor surface. Usually, this height should be at least 1 meter. The manufacturers of balustrades are aware of the applicable building codes, but you can ask them to make higher balustrades if you intend to have furniture installed close to the balustrades. This is because kids can climb the furniture and get over the balustrades. The added height you request for will give you an additional layer of protection for your kids so that they can't climb to the top of the balustrades even when they are on the furniture.

The Robustness of the Fixings

Fixings like metal stirrups in the floor should be firm so that they hold the individual balusters in place. Once the fixings are firm, then there will be no risk that your kids will slip off the balcony or stairs and fall. It is advisable that you check these fixings regularly (such as after half a year) so that any fixing that you find to be loose is tightened.

Protection from Rust

Your children will be much safer if the custom balustrades are frequently given a fresh coat of paint to protect them from rust that can weaken them. For instance, you can give steel balustrades an anti-rust coat of paint after every two years, or as soon as you notice that the previous coat of paint has peeled off. That paint will ensure that the individual balusters remain strong to such an extent that they won't collapse under the weight of a child that leans against them as he or she plays around the custom balustrades.

As you can see, the inbuilt design features above are sufficient to keep your kids safe around the custom balustrades. All you need to do is to inspect the balustrades regularly to confirm that nothing is loose or rusty. An occasional coat of paint and tightening any loose nuts and bolts is all that custom balustrades need to protect your kids from falling over the edge.

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